Cross' CBS fears are for cameramen


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Our nominee for good guy of the week goes to CBS football analyst Randy Cross. Sure, his network has lost the NFL contract and he'll be scouting around soon, but. . .

"The way I look at it," says the ex-49ers center, "is there's still going to be five networks doing football [Fox replacing CBS], so most of the announcers will land jobs somewhere. The guys I'm worrying about are the cameramen and the technical people.

"We have a cameraman on our crew that did the 'Ice Bowl' [1967], and here he's facing a game between the same two teams [Cowboys and Packers] being his last game. What's he going to do?"

Cross says he sees Dallas, a 14-point favorite, coming around at just the right time, "if Emmitt Smith just gets a little healthier. The Cowboys aren't worried about the fact they've lost five or six games. In 1984, we went 15-1 and it wasn't that big a deal we lost. Our goal was the championship, nothing else."

* Good news for all you folks wrestling with the contention that life begins at 40. Larry Holmes, 43, is going to tug on the gloves again and get in the ring for a USA Network "Tuesday Night Fight" Feb. 8. They're still scouting up a suitable stiff.

* Perhaps there is justice in boxing after all (snicker). Too often in the fight game, a guy battles his way to the No. 1 spot in the rankings, gains the mandatory challenge against the champ and is paid to step aside. Every title fight doesn't have to carry $10 million purses; otherwise, the great ones wouldn't get in the ring but once every four years. Michael Moorer has a very good chance against Evander Holyfield.

* The four NFL wild-card playoff games last weekend resulted in nearly 10,000 no-shows. What are these people looking for, better games?

Is the fact that Jack Kent Cooke is willing to build a stadium at his own expense getting through to folks? It doesn't seem so.

* When is someone going to sit Shaquille O'Neal down and impress upon him the fact that basketball is a finesse game and things like backboards and arms aren't supposed to get broken as a matter of course!

* Isn't the Mets trading Vince Coleman for Kevin McReynolds of the Royals what the late Frank Lane would call a swap that should hurt both teams?

* How come Texas A&M;, after being cited for major rules violations by the NCAA seven times, didn't get the "death penalty" as happened to SMU a while back? The Aggies shouldn't have been allowed anymore than six-man touch football until well into the next century.

* Naming a proposed complex down in Laurel the William Donald Schaefer Sports Park better come down to a few more votes than those of people appointed to the Maryland Stadium Authority by the Guv and a guy looking to gain his favor.

* Does the governor seriously think some NFL owner is going to move a team here and that such threats aren't strictly to get a better deal where they are? If so, the guy hasn't learned much over the past 15 years about owners.

* What's the age limit for playing hoops in the D.C. Interscholastic Association, 20 or 21? The lone woman coach in the league, Wanda Oates of Ballou, has been complaining about ineligible players for years, but no one listens.

* Hey, I missed it, which squad of all-star scholar athletes won the Japan Bowl? How about the Hula Bowl? And the NCAA says it can't make time for a four-team national championship showdown and won't even consider it for another year?

* Immediately after Auburn had beaten Alabama to finish unbeaten, the Tiger campus was a mess of streamers, toilet paper and what not. Asked about the celebration by a visitor, a freshman explained, "It wasn't us, it was the crazy alumni." Yes, they take their NCAA probations very seriously down there.

* Isn't the concourse at the USAir Arena crowded enough during intermissions of a hockey game without Abe Pollin picking up a few bucks by renting space to a guy who sets up a collectibles table?

* Newspapers across the land Tuesday ran a picture of fighters Michael Bentt and Herbie Hide duking it out during a news conference announcing their heavyweight tiff in London. Would anyone have paid the slightest bit of attention if it weren't for the fisticuffs? A legacy of Muhammad Ali.

* Has the general manager of the Orioles forgotten how to make a deal after all these years? See, Roland Hemond, nothing happened with the Mets regarding Bobby Bonilla because you made no offer.

* If, as is being rumored, assistant coach Robert Reid might show up in uniform on the Bullets bench one of these games, why not Wes Unseld? He appears to be in better shape than Kevin Duckworth and certainly knows how to play the game better.

* Isn't it a bit early for ex-champion Riddick Bowe to start complaining about not gaining the acclaim heaped upon the likes of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie Pep and Sugar Ray Leonard? Good time to complain, too, just after losing to "blown-up cruiserweight" Holyfield.

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