Field weathers N. Harford 10K


Make no mistake about it: This was not one for the frail of body or spirit.

Up the road a piece in Pylesville, St. Mary's had canceled its Sunday morning services.

But at North Harford High School, the Renaissance AllSports Athletic Club's North Harford 10K went off with nary a slip or a slide.

But that was owing more to the fitness of the field than the weather conditions.

At the top of the out-and-back course, ice-laden trees were overhead, crusty layers of ice and snow underfoot and the temperature 4 degrees.

A head wind greeted the runners on their way back to North Harford.

"I felt fine the first three miles," said Eric Estrada, who won the race in 34 minutes, 20 seconds. "The second half of the race, you're in the teeth of the wind, you're at the wind's mercy. Coming up to the five-mile mark, we went up a hill, but the wind made it seem like a mountain."

But that didn't stop Estrada from breaking Nathan Boyer's course record by 13 seconds.

On Saturday, Margaret Starnes, wife of race director Dave Starnes, and winner of the women's division Sunday, had reported that -- barring a change in weather -- the race was on.

"I just finished my run today; the main roads are clear," she said Saturday. "I asked him [Dave] if we were going to have it, and he just smiled."

That's because Dave Starnes delights in tough conditions. On a course where rolling hills are more like climbs, the tougher the run, the wider Starnes' smile.

For her part, Margaret Starnes continued her success of 1993 in which she won 21 races.

"Dave says it's all the good training he's put me on," said Starnes, who finished in 43:21 Sunday. "I've been swimming more consistently. And in the summer I bike, but it's too cold to do that now."

The top finishers:

Males: 1. Eric Estrada, 34:20; 2. Nathan Boyer, 38:19; 3. Bucky Sexton, 39:09; 4. Jason Harle, 42:35; 5. Larry Emanuel, 42:57; 6. Dan Anderson, 44:20; 7. Dave Starnes, 44:33; 8. Lance Woodward, 45:36; 9. Phil Anderson, 46:27; 10. Gary Reilly, 47:46.

Females: 1. Margaret Starnes, 43:21; 2. Jane Roberts, 50:46; 3. Kim Fleming, 51:15; 4. Barb Stroud, 56:45.


Neville Anderson and Carole Rosasco won their divisions of the Baltimore Road Runners Club's Frozen Finger 5-Miler at Hunt Valley. The top finishers:

Males: 1. Neville Anderson, 32, 27:42; 2. Mark Rosasco, 34, 28:54; 3. Scott Coyle, 34, 30:23; 4. Chris Sinclair, 26, 30:56; 5. Bob Leatherman, 42, 31:02. Masters: 1. Leatherman.

Females: 1. Carole Rosasco, 34, 33:20; 2. Sharon Heidel, 43, 38:37; 3. Christy St. Clair, 45, 39:11; 4. Jacque Tracy, 47, 46:19; 5. Jean Nair, 50, 46:57. Masters: 1. Heidel.

Coming events

Saturday, BRRC Cross Country 6-miler, Herring Run, 10 a.m., (410) 243-3153.

Sunday, RASAC Hickory 7-Miler, Bel Air, 9 a.m., (410) 838-1931.

Sunday, WRRC Mighty Medford Freeway 5K, Westminster, noon, (410) 857-5154.

Sunday, BRRC Club Championship 10-Miler, Loch Raven, 9 a.m., (410) 243-3153.

Sunday, HCS 2M, 10K, 15K, Longfellow Elementary School, 2 p.m., (410) 964-1998.

Jan. 22, Great Snowflake Chase (Winter Desire 5-Mile Dash, True Grit 10-Miler), Big Run State Park, 10 a.m., (301) 359-3770.

Jan. 23, HCS 2M, 10K, 15K, Thunder Hill Elementary School, 2 p.m., (410) 964-1998.

Jan. 23, MCRRC, Frosty Four, Robert Frost Junior High School, (301) 353-0200.

Jan. 29, BRRC Cross Country 5-miler, Oregon Ridge, 10 a.m., (410) 243-3153.

Jan. 30, North Harford Loop 10K, North Harford High School, 9 a.m., (410) 836-1784.

Jan. 30, WRRC Bear Run Four-Miler, Pleasant Valley, noon.

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