On his legacy:

"I'm dedicated to building the stadium with my own money. At this time, not having the power to look into the future any more than anyone else has, I hope that my son, my grandson, my great-grandsons, the whole line of Cookes will be able to say with pride, 'That's what my great-great-great- grandfather built and that's where we're still playing.' And I want it to be ours."

On the inevitable tension between Washington and Baltimore fans:

"Look, all we are is a service business. We're in the entertainment business, we are. We want to do everything in the world to please most of the people. We'll never please all the people. That's an impossibility."

On sports:

"I like sports. I guess it's because it's a decent form of competition, instead of pounding people and shooting people. It's the contest I like very, very much."

On the Baltimore-Washington "megalopolis":

"The heart of the megalopolis begins at the city limits of Baltimore and the city limits of Washington. There is the heart of the megalopolis. And are you aware that the Baltimore-Washington corridor is the fourth largest megalopolis in America? Boundary to boundary is 28 miles. Do you know that? Well, it's 14 miles from your loop [Beltway] and 14 miles from our Beltway. Don't you see, really, we are an indivisible group of people?"

On William Donald Schaefer:

"I expected a gruffer man, a tougher man. He isn't tough. He's a very decent fellow. He's a doer. Our country is filled with thinkers, and thinkers are not movers and doers. You can't help but like the fellow. At least I couldn't help but like him."

On his traffic studies for Laurel:

"They show there's not going to be any congestion. I'm told some 20,000 cars go to the National Security Agency a few miles away every morning and come home every night, and there's no congestion there."

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