FAD-TV to bring fashion runways into your home


It looks as if the predictions about the death of the runway show were extremely premature. In fact, there may soon be more pressure than ever on designers to heighten production standards, hire celebrity models and engage in all the theatrics that make fashion professionals wince.

Anthony Guccione, a son of Penthouse's publisher, Robert Guccione, and the brother of Spin's publisher, Robert Jr., plans to found a new cable channel, Fashion and Design Television, somewhat ominously called FAD-TV for short.

Mr. Guccione was encouraged by the success of Cindy Crawford's "House of Style" and Elsa Klensch's "Style." Both use runway footage.

"The concept was to create the fashion equivalent of MTV using fashion videos instead of music videos," he said.

Kevin Krier, a fashion show producer, said, "The switch for me as a producer and director is the need to make these runway shows television-ready."

He also warned, "The models will become even more important because you'll have the development of stars seen by more people."

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