From Power Bow to Hip-Hop-Kido


For those adults who don't know what the Power Rangers are all about, here's a brief primer.

The good and wise Zordon (he's a giant, disembodied head a la "The Wizard of Oz") has been battling Rita Repulsa, Empress of Evil, for thousands of years. At her last defeat, Zordon imprisoned her in a Zithium cylinder (also known as a space waste Dumpster), which is found and opened by astronauts a thousand years later.

Rita escapes and immediately sets her conquering sights on Earth. Alpha Five, Zordon's monitoring robot, alerts him and begins a search for five teen-agers "with an attitude." Zordon gives the teens power coins which gives them dinosaur power and transforms them into the Power Rangers. Each has a special weapon and a fighting vehicle, also based on dinosaurs, called Dino Zords. The five Zords can be combined into one giant form called a Mega-Zord.

The Power Rangers are:

* Billy is the brain and computer expert who talks in techno-speak, wears blue, uses the Power Lance and rides the Triceratops Dino Zord.

* Trini studies Eastern philosophy and martial arts and is the only Power Ranger who understands Billy. She wears a yellow uniform, uses a Power Dagger and the Saber-Tooth Tiger Dino Zord.

* Jason is a mischievous patriot who loves "scopin' babes." He has a red uniform, Power Sword and Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord.

* Kimberly is the most popular girl in school, a gymnastics champion and a power shopper who wears pink, uses the Power Bow and rides the Pterodactyl Dino Zord.

* Zack is a clever, street smart, smooth-talker who combines gymnastics, dance and martial arts into what he calls "Hip-Hop-Kido." Zack is the voice of caution who wears black, uses the Power Axe and Mastodon Dino Zord.

* There's also a sixth, green Power Ranger in some episodes. Tommy began as a bad teen who reformed and joined the Power Rangers. He eventually switched to a reserve status but since he's the most popular Power Ranger there is talk of bringing him back in future episodes.

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