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McLean CoverageThe expansive run of editorials, lettters...


McLean Coverage

The expansive run of editorials, lettters to the editor and articles on Comptroller Jackie McLean has reached almost epidemic proportions. Will the reading public have a blessed surcease germane to Mrs. McLean's current vicissitudes?

The Sunpapers, I believe, given the immense and extravagant coverage of Comptroller McLean's alleged misdemeanors and improprieties, is guilty of journalistic overkill.

It seems to me now that you have broken your story, whatever the merits, the appropriate forums for a just, fair and legal resolution, are the Ethics Committee, the legislative process and the judicial process.

Whatever one may think of Mrs. McLean, under our system of jurisprudence a presumption of guilt is not guilt. Unlike other nations, our system of jurisprudence supports the historic and valuable proposition that one is innocent unless the facts dictate otherwise.

The spate of editorials, letters to the editor and articles tend to support a rush to verdict. Mrs. McLean, as is true of any citizen, is entitled to all the legal safeguards devoid of a journalistic poisoning of the well.

I hope that the Sunpapers will permit, now that the essential elements as regards allegations against Mrs. McLean have been made public, the administrative, legislative and judicial process to unfold. This, I believe, as a matter of fundamental and elemental justice, is the American Way.

Samuel L. Banks


Offensive Editorial

As a resident of Temple Gardens in Reservoir Hill, I am personally offended by an assertion in your Dec. 22 editorial that "quality tenants have moved elsewhere."

I meet my neighbors every day on the elevators. They are, like me, busy, productive and a cross-section of family-types. They go to work, church, piano lessons, board meetings, golf outings, graduations, school plays, baseball games, weddings, family reunions, funerals and community meetings.

We know about each others' lives. We care about each other.

We have the same high hopes for our children as they go off to school in their uniforms that other parents have. We care the same about our aging parents and worry as much about the economy, crime, family values and the future of our community as anyone else.

Of course we have neighbors who are not as wealthy as some others who formerly lived here. Many of my neighbors are retired, living nobly in reduced circumstances on fixed incomes.

We even have neighbors who in the grande dame elegance of yesteryear would not have been allowed to enter the building, not even as servants.

Grady Dale Jr.


What's in Name?

Isn't there something you could do to convince Jack Kent Cooke to at least move his team a few more miles north so that it could be named the Savage Redskins?

Herbert K. Thompson

Ellicott City

Governor Schaefer

This letter is in response to the comments and opinions made recently about our governor and his opposition to the Washington Redskins moving to Laurel.

I could not believe how quickly your newspaper (and many of the local radio talk show hosts) abandoned Gov. William Donald Schaefer and embraced Jack Kent Cooke.

I found the article written by John W. Frece Dec. 11 particularly offensive. The notion that Schaefer is against Cooke's move to Laurel because it would diminish his "legacy" is degrading to the governor.

It just so happens that the governor, and many others, have been working on a deal to bring the National Football League back to Baltimore for years.

Since this attempt was unsuccessful, you can only imagine how disheartened the governor must have felt when, after all the work he put into it, there was a possibility that the man who now wants to bring his team to our state went behind everyone's back and had a hand in convincing the other National Football League owners against Baltimore. How would you feel?

After all the negotiating with Washington and Virginia, this Cooke character just may be the second coming -- the second coming of Robert Irsay. I think the state of Maryland should oppose any move of any kind by this "billionaire bully."

One last item. It has been said that our governor only does things for Baltimore and has a "To hell with the rest of the state" attitude. If this is so, tell me where are the signs around the Convention Center, National Aquarium, Harborplace or Camden Yards that say, "Only Baltimoreans Allowed"?

If this is so, there also wouldn't be new, more accessible roads to the ocean or brand new golf courses in Western Maryland.

Lay off the Guv! His legacy will be strong and positive in this state long after you're writing for supermarket tabloids or community newsletters.

Joseph Vavra



I want to express my displeasure concerning Gov. William Donald Schaefer's handling of the appointments to the Baltimore County school board.

For many years, I have been a very interested supporter of Baltimore County's public schools and the school board nominating convention.

I have also been long acquainted and very favorably impressed with Towson lawyer John Hayden. He would have made an excellent choice for service on the board.

On two occasions, I called the governor's office urging that he follow the wishes of the school board nominating committee membership and appoint Mr. Hayden.

Mr. Schaefer has once again ignored the nominating process and all the hard work it entailed -- as well as the wishes of more than 100 community organizations.

Carol D. Simmons

Rodgers Forge

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