Annapolis skating rink closed for repairs at season's peak


Annapolis' Quiet Waters Park skating rink, which usually attracts up to 1,000 skaters a day during the Christmas holidays, will be closed this week and may remain closed for the season because of leaks in the underground pipes that chill the ice.

Park Superintendent Michael Murdoch said yesterday that the steel pipes embedded an inch below the pond in the concrete foundation have sprung leaks, making it impossible to keep the Freon that chills the ice flowing safely through them.

The 3-year-old rink was shut down Dec. 15 when maintenance crews noticed that pressure of the Freon had started to drop, he said. It was opened for about a day, then shut down about two days later when repair efforts failed, Mr. Murdoch said.

Mr. Murdoch said the leaks may force the rink to remain closed for the rest of the season, which runs from Nov. 20 to Feb. 28.

He said the company retained to build the facility, C. W. Davis Supply Co. of Syracuse N.Y., has sent repair crews to Quiet Waters three times in the past two weeks. But the company's president said yesterday that he couldn't explain what is causing the leaks, nor could he guarantee there won't be others.

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