A Flood Of Good WillWhen Donald Dell,...


A Flood Of Good Will

When Donald Dell, along with Pat Hill, Nicki Smith and Bonnie Crising, went to observe and direct flood relief efforts in Hancock and Jefferson counties, he carried with him a check signed by Mabel and me.

The monies donated to those two stricken places were a direct result of the best idea I've had in ages.

Knowing the kids were planning a gigantic 50th anniversary bash, I suggested and Mabel agreed that the invitations ask the folks to donate to flood relief in lieu of presents.

They responded magnificently: The grand total was $805.

We can never thank you enough. By your kind and generous

gifts, you not only made our happy celebration

even happier, but made the holidays a little bid brighter for our neighbors in need.

Mabel and Elmer Lippy

Manchester 2

Elmer Lippy is a Carroll County commissioner.

Fire Lesson

One hopes Baltimore County officials have learned something from the stump fires in Granite, which cost $700,000 of taxpayer money to extinguish.

Why not rewrite the law so that those engaging in illegal acts (such as operating without a permit) would have to pay at least half of what it costs to restore public safety?

Stephanie Link


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