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Police recover stolen rifle, arrest teen


A 16-year-old Hampstead area boy, who allegedly stole a loaded Browning rifle valued at $1,100 from an unlocked car Dec. 7, was arrested after Hampstead Police Chief Kenneth Russell and other officers obtained a search and seizure warrant for his house Dec. 16.

Police reported they recovered the rifle and a sawed-off shotgun with a homemade sling to carry the illegal weapon under a coat.

The items were found in an building at the rear of the boy's house.

Police are communicating with the state attorney's office about charges against the youth.

Investigators said the rifle was taken from a car parked at the Ridge Engineering Co. on Route 482 near Route 30.

Cigarettes stolen from liquor store

Thirty-five cartons of cigarettes, valued at $750, were stolen in a quick break and grab robbery at the Hampstead Liquor store in Robert's Field Shopping Center Tuesday morning.

Police Chief Kenneth Russell said the store's alarm sounded when someone threw a rock through the front door at 1:08 a.m.

The chief said his officers were on the scene within minutes, but the burglars had entered the store, grabbed the cigarettes and escaped.

A store official said nothing else was taken.

Police know of no suspects.

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