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South Carroll High students win athletic award


Fifty-four percent of South Carroll High School's fall athletes earned the "Minds in Motion" award for the first marking period.

Of 295 athletes, 157 were presented a certificate sponsored by the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association for student-athletes achieving a 3.25 or better grade point average while participating in interscholastic athletics. Student-athletes who received this award are:

David Marion, Craig Combs, Tom Lapato, Kile Maxcy, Corey Hill, David Sayler, Jeremy Teppig, Don Baumer, Marc Barnes, Jeremy Hancock, Josh Rockwell, Mike Robitaille, Eric Cotherman, Mike O'Connel, Jeremy Esworthy, Nate Crochunis, Rob Baillet, Tom Lewis, Dan Richardson, Charlie Conaway, Brian Jacobs, Bryce Baker, Chris Gunning, Charlie Gallagher, John Haney, John Schrieber, Brent Becker, Chris Wells, Scott Foreman, Andrew Maon and Nicholas Stein.

Adam Aulestia, Greg Blair, Brandon Doresey, Scott Ensor, Mike Haight, Dan Hughes, Rob Neff, Dan Peiffer, Brian Peltier, Jason Peroski, Jeremy Wingate, Doug Zwiselsburger, Jen Dorsey, Mark Ensor, David Fetterhoff, Nathan Hendrickson, Mark Oswiecmka, Tim Payne, Kyle Swinton, Michael Turner, Sean Welch, Jessica Butz, Erica Bouthner, Kelly Carter, Melissa Gettemy, Amy Kable, Amy Larrick, Sarah South, Nicole Spencer, Erin Windsor, Melanie Zahn and Meredith Evans.

Kelly Johnson, Jenny Woodward, Robin Deniker, Christa Farrar, Shane Sullivan, Erica Horst, Colleen Wagener, Danica Yerdon, Michelle Pickett, Alison Smith, Amber Clutter, Pam Dempsey, Janice Geldmacher, Jaimee Issacs, Heather Jacobson, Sarah McGinley, Jaime Moyer, Stephanie Myers, Roxanne Paull, Kendra Pulis, Anne Schaeffer, Carrie Tamburo, Lindsey Vosloh, Sara Wachter, Rachel Zaruba and Laura Seigel.

Allison Cavey, Kelli Crown, Michelle Deitrich, Sara Dorsey, Kelly Harmer, Laura Fortenbaugh, Meredith Hopkins, Jaime Ibbott, Sarah King, Nora Koch, Shannon Leaf, Whitney Mitchell, Jessie Moser, Marci Nelson, Courney Prosser, Jessica Willet, Kristi Wilson, Jill Baldwin, Carli Benham, Tracie DiDio, Megan Evans, Holly Fitzgerald, Gretchen Goodell, April Hall, Elisha Harrison, Katie Rockwell, Kristan Shaw and Kristen Weaver.

Allison Cain, Katie Crowe, Jessica Etzler, Brianna Fitzgerald, Stacey Gunther, Lori Hershberger, Melanie Maynard, Susan Morey, Christa Schroder, Melissa Wean, Molly Cage, Karen Hammel, Stephanie Linton, Erin White, Heather Young, Rebecca Yzaguirre, Lisa Gehle, Josh Fortenbaugh, Eric Parks, Sean Rayford, Raj Sureja, Iain Young, Matt Taylor, Kim Crown, Becky Earley, Rachel Harrison, Lisa Hopkins, Stacey Maffett, Kristin Moran, Jennifer Richardson, Tracey Ruane, Kristen Sullivan, Jamie Cotherman, Jami Maxey, Sarah Sadilek, Megan Sautter, Tara Spicer and Danette Trump.


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