DAWN HARNER, 13, daughter of Dennis and...


DAWN HARNER, 13, daughter of Dennis and Mary Harner, of Harney Road in Taneytown.

School: eighth-grader at Northwest Middle School.

Honored for: Being "an all-around good student who puts forth a great deal of effort in all that she does," said Principal Bronson Jones.

Dawn is a member of a group of students who alternate reading the morning announcements on closed-circuit television in a news-style format.

She also has volunteered in the past for "AM Help," in which she tutored fellow students who were having trouble keeping up with class work.

Goals: To be a veterinarian (she lives on a farm), a doctor or a teacher.

Comments: Dawn had to give up tutoring this year to make time to do the morning announcements, but said she enjoyed helping students.

"I like to let them know they're not a bad kid because they can't do something," she said.

Being on closed-circuit TV in front of the entire student body doesn't faze her.

"It's good experience. I thought it would be fun because everybody got to see you and you got to be in front of the camera," she said.

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