County appeals Black & Decker water decision JTC


Carroll County is appealing a November decision by the state Water Resources Administration to grant a large water appropriation permit to Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. for a cleanup of underground water contamination at its Hampstead plant.

The county asked for a hearing on the decision in a Dec. 10 letter to Gary Setzer of the Water Resources Administration.

County officials want the state to reduce the amount of water granted under Black & Decker's permit from an average of 432,000 gallons a day to an average of 200,000 gallons a day.

The county also is seeking a reduction in the withdrawal allowed during the month of maximum use, from 720,000 gallons a day to 300,000 gallons a day.

The county's letter said the amount of water granted in the permit is unreasonable, and that the aquifer is incapable of supporting a continuing withdrawal on that scale.

Hampstead town officials also have appealed the permit.

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