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Andover has possibilities as site for sports complex


While the controversy continues over whether Jack Kent Cooke will build a stadium for his Washington Redskins in Laurel, Linthicum's Gus Lundquist has a solution.

"Why not use vacant Andover High School and turn it into a sports complex?" said Lundquist.

"They've got plenty of room there, practice fields, gymnasium. Visiting teams from out of town could stay there. It's near the airport, all kinds of possibilities."

Andover closed this year after being used as a temporary facility for North County High.

Glen Burnie's Charley Eckman, the veteran sports announcer and frequent visitor to Laurel Race Course, says he "can't get excited" about Cooke wanting to move to Laurel in Anne Arundel County because "it's an old story."

"I sat there one day at Laurel about 20 years ago with John Shapiro and listened to Cooke talking about moving his team to Laurel. He insisted then he was going to do it, but he was only using it for leverage to get a better deal with D.C. Same old story."


Severna Park boys and girls fall sports teams usually grab most of the headlines, but how about this fall's Arundel High coaching staff? Three took Coach of the Year honors, two named by The Baltimore Sun for Anne Arundel County in Paul Yannuzzi (girls soccer) and Ralph Luce (cross country). Arundel football coach Bill Zucco was named Class 4A Coach of the Year by his peers.

The icing on the cake for Arundel is that 51 percent of the boys and girls who participated in the fall sports program earned Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association Minds in Motion certificates. A grade-point average of 3.25 or better is required for a Minds in Motion award, and 31 of 39 field hockey players received one.

And did you know that coach Bruce Sponsler's Old Mill girls soccer team of 22 players had a cumulative grade-point average of 3.40?

A ridiculous rule

Isn't it ridiculous and unfair that some officials enforce that silly "coach's box" rule and some don't?

Most coaches are constantly in and out of the 6-foot rectangular box in front of their bench and seem oblivious to the stupid thing, as do most referees. Why have it?

The only purpose it serves is to give the refs a chance to nail a coach who might be getting under their skin. And do you need a box to dole out a technical?

Southern girls basketball coach Linda Kilpatrick got a technical for leaving the box at St. Mary's this week. There is no coach's box at St. Mary's, but that didn't stop ref Al Behrendt. The technical led to Kilpatrick's ejection.


In a recent Sidelines that mentioned Annapolis' wrestling program, I erred because Donzella Parker-Bert changed her mind about becoming an assistant wrestling coach at Annapolis, and she would not have been the first female wrestling coach in the county.

Several years ago, Ann Wallace, Navy's women's club lacrosse coach, assisted head coach Dave Gehrdes in wrestling at Annapolis, handling most of the administrative duties.

Tongue sparks Seahawks

Have you noticed the numbers being rung up by South River 6-foot-4 junior Russell Tongue in leading the Seahawks to a 3-0 start?

Tongue has had games of 39 and 34 points and is averaging 30.0 points and 13.3 boards in his first three games for an unbeaten team that coach Kenny Dunn said was "small, slow and in trouble." How about South River foes being "in trouble"?

Wesley cracks 1,000

Congrats to Southern senior Laekeka Wesley for cracking the 1,000-career-points milestone this week. Wesley is the fourth Southern girl to accomplish the feat.

Dayna Scott (1985 grad) is the Bulldogs' all-time leading scorer, with 2,064 points (second in county history) followed by Carol Holland (1981) with 1,316 and Lagena Johnson (1984), 1,019.

Only Brooklyn Park had more. Six former Bees hit 1,000 or more points, including the county's all-time leading scorer Patty Dages, who is in her third season as the Glen Burnie head coach. Dages scored 2,262 points in her four-year career (1980-83).

Other members of the Bees' 1,000 Club are: Jen Watson (1,794), Debbie Garrison (1,630), Julie Thomas (1,374), Pearl Wynn (1,193) and Maria Beam (1,020).

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