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2 deer wreak havoc in Manchester garage


Some employees of a Manchester garage will tell you that a bull in a china shop is nothing compared with two deer in a car repair shop.

On Thursday afternoon, two disoriented does visited Manchester Auto Parts, a Main Street service and parts shop, entering through a door they pushed open.

"They were jumping all around the shop," said employee Craig Sharpe.

"They didn't want to be here, that's for sure," said employee Dave Simpson.

Hoof marks reached more than six feet high on an inside door of HTC the service bay area, where the animals pawed frantically in an attempt to get out.

A buck that accompanied the does to Main Street stayed outside and broke a side window at a house next to the auto shop.

Shop employees said the animals appeared to have been frightened.

Employees first were concerned with keeping the deer from coming through doors that lead from the service bays into the parts store. If they had gotten into the store, the animals could have wreaked havoc and injured themselves breaking plate glass windows.

The animals were released after two employees halted traffic on Main Street while a third opened a bay door.

After about 10 minutes in the shop, the animals fled across Main Street and away through the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church cemetery.

One doe had a minor cut on a hind leg, witnesses said.

The shop was a mess because of spilled water and antifreeze, Mr. Sharpe said, but there was no serious damage.

Yesterday, some shop employees speculated that the animals were doing some Christmas shopping. Others said the deer had come to flaunt themselves before some unsuccessful hunters.

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