Task Force Criticism Was MisguidedI read, with...


Task Force Criticism Was Misguided

I read, with interest, your editorial on Dec. 10 entitled "An Afternoon that Lasted Six Months." As usual, when it comes to crime-fighting and eradication of drugs in the community, you again are long on criticism and short on facts.

The draft audit from Carroll County auditor Tim Hartman was received by the state's attorney's office in September 1993 and was placed on the agenda of the Drug Task Force Board of Directors for its Oct. 15 meeting. At that time, the audit was reviewed by members of the board of directors and comments were solicited in accordance with Mr. Hartman's request for comments. Due to scheduling conflicts, the board of directors could not meet earlier than Oct. 15 to consider the draft audit.

As a result of the discussion among the board of directors, a memorandum containing the necessary comments was prepared and was submitted to the county on Nov. 15. As of

Dec. 10, we were awaiting the county's final draft of the audit. Those are the facts. All responses have been in a timely fashion, given all the facts and circumstances relevant to the situation.

As a major metropolitan newspaper, you have an obligation to your readers and the general public to accurately report facts, or at least write editorials based on correct information. . . . By necessity, the drug task force must operate in a covert capacity, which keeps it out of the public eye. The drug task force has been responsible for the improved coordination and managing of drug investigations throughout the county and a substantial increase in the arrest of drug offenders and drug dealers, and the seizure of controlled dangerous substances as well as assets of these individuals, which has fueled the drug economy in this county.

In fact, State's Attorney Thomas Hickman was just awarded the Maryland State Police Superintendent Certificate of Appreciation for his work and efforts in this area. . . .

For you to lambaste the efforts of this fine organization is counter-productive to its effectiveness and does not do it justice in the eyes of the public. . . .

Barton F. Walker III


The writer is a senior assistant state's attorney for Carroll County.

Bartlett: A Patriot

There seems to exist among Sixth District politicians the belief that Rep. Roscoe Bartlett is vulnerable.

I ask why? These same individuals, some of whom were unwilling to risk competing for the Sixth District seat in 1992, will concede that Rep. Bartlett's voting record has been congruent with the Sixth District's conservative philosophy.

For example, Rep. Bartlett voted against the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which will destroy our industrial base, while placing United States trade policies outside the authority of the Constitution.

He voted "no" to the 1994 fiscal budget bill, which adds $1 trillion to the federal deficit by 1998. He opposed H.R. Bill 1430, which increases the debt ceiling limit to $4.37 trillion. He voted against the authorization for U.S. troops to be sent to Somalia under the command of the United Nations, to carry out the New World Order agenda. He has proposed a common-sense gun control bill, which would allow for the monitoring of the sale of firearms to felons while not infringing on the constitutional rights of all citizens.

Roscoe Bartlett is voting every issue exactly as the voters indicated they wanted when they elected him. He opposes increasing the federal government and taxes while supporting and protecting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Is this not what we sent him to Washington to do?

Roscoe Bartlett is an intelligent, well-educated gentleman who genuinely and tirelessly seeks what is best for our nation. I feel that Rep. Bartlett can best be described as a statesman..

Perhaps therein lies the clue as to why he is questioned by some. Perhaps these doubters do not consider him to be a politician. A politician who will look you in the eye while telling you a lie. A politician speaks from both sides of his mouth, promising whatever you want to hear. A politician places more importance on re-election than on guarding and preserving the Union. . . .

Could this be why other politicians reject him? Does he represent something these naysayers cannot understand? Do they feel uncomfortable with a Roscoe Bartlett, who refused to compromise his integrity by selling his vote and his country to the New World Order over NAFTA?

I believe Roscoe Bartlett is doing exactly what he was elected to do when elected as the representative for Maryland's Sixth District, and this is why he will be re-elected in 1994.

Debra Oster


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