Sykesville opposes communications tower


The Sykesville Town Council has expressed its opposition to a proposed telecommunications tower in letters to the Carroll County Commissioners and the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Though the town has no authority over the Hollenberry Road property 1,200 feet outside its limits, the council voted its disapproval of the 200-foot structure last month.

Town Manager James L. Schumacher asked the zoning board to deny a variance that would allow the tower to be constructed on the conservation land.

Mr. Schumacher listed these objections:

* Proximity to residences and devaluation of property.

* Conflict with the Small Town Planning Guidelines.

* Lack of benefit to town residents.

* Insufficient and inadequate notice to nearby property owners.

* Existence of alternative technologies.

The board postponed a hearing set for Dec. 29 to late January.


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