Catching up with all those ornery things that get away from us


Geologists worry about continental drift; I worry about internal drift. Drift is a property of all matter. It's the tendency of stuff to stay put. Or, more accurately, it's the tendency of stuff to stray. All items have different degrees of drift, just as they have different weight and size.

To illustrate: Paperbacks with lurid covers have a high degree of drift. You'll never find one in the last place you left it. Its drift increases with the garishness of the cover and with how close you are to the end of the story.

Dirty laundry drifts. Clean laundry doesn't; it stays firmly in place. Socks have tremendous drift. Socks don't disappear in the laundry, they just drift around the floor, behind the sofa and eventually out the door if not caught in time and firmly placed with the clean laundry.

Cats and toddlers have quantum drift: they can be both cuddling on your lap and emptying the garbage on the rug at the same time. Glasses, pens, screwdrivers and shoes drift easily. Turkey platters, stationery, clamps and boots do not. Leftovers never do.


Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Jessup is sprucing up a bit. The lovely old steeple is getting a needed paint job, and new shingles. There are plans under way to repave the parking lot. The new pastor, Bob Hunter, is very pleased with his congregation.

"We retain 38 percent of our visitors. Even of those that come one time." He thinks the rate has something to do with the genuine friendliness of the members and their real dedication.

A native of Connecticut, Mr. Hunter has been pastor here for just over 18 months. He began his service to this church with a sermon that said, "If we are not here for Jesus Christ, let's all go to Denny's. The food is better, the lighting is better and you don't have to pay dues. But if we are here for Christ, let's go about his business."

This small church, with only 177 members on its rolls, now has two active committees taking care of the running of the facility. Attendance has doubled, and the church now needs to run six different Sunday school classes.

Jelinda Fletcher, Rich and Janet Oursler, Jane Tyson, Eileen Logan, Cheryl Frye and Bob and Becky Hunter have been teaching these sessions. The church even has managed to offer a 34-week-long Disciple Bible Study course -- an expensive, very dynamic interactive course for adults covering over 80 percent of the Bible.

Looking ahead, the church plans to begin outreach and evangelism programs in the area soon. In fact, they began recently by sponsoring part of the Savage Messiah Concert and providing some of the singers in the community choir.

The church holds two special holiday services next week.

On Christmas Eve, the church will hold a Candlelight Communion service from 10:30 p.m. to midnight.

Highlights of the service include 12 lessons and 12 carols, the entire King's College Cathedral service. Pastor Hunter says that "it's a bit High Church, but it's a whole lot of fun on Christmas Eve."

For those who cannot keep awake until midnight, or have small fry who can't, but who will be awake by 4 a.m. in anticipation of St. Nick, the pastor suggests they attend his early morning service.

"This is the service I grew up with in New England. It begins at 6:30 a.m. when it's dark out, and ends at 7 a.m. There are just seven lessons and seven carols, all sung by the congregation. There are no sermons and no collections."

The church is located in Jessup on Route 175, east of Route 1. For more information call the church at (410) 799-1822.


Bethel Christian Academy proudly announces that these students have made the honor roll at the school: Stephanie Agbu, Kenny Galleagher, Lauren Harvey, Athens Kostro, Lucy Rushing,Harry Coon, Brandon Owens, Jonathan Perry, Jose Ruiz, Michael Wells, Erica Wright, Mark Brenneman, Amanda Merriam, Stephanie Isberg, Christian Wecker, Sitara Ahmed, Joshua Castillo, Jonathan Michael DeBaldo, Sarah Harman, Melissa Harris, Tony Knox, Matthew Menthe, Mikkia Rice, Kiela Ryan, Tricia Serino, Kourtney Bennet, Jared Shorter, Robbie Spikes, Jessie Blankenship, Stephen Martin, Ore Oluwatimilehin, Roman Padilla, Eric Wright, Melanie Oehlert, John Blankenship, Sean Bowers, Jessica Creighton, Derk Gordon, Christina Harrison, Robyn Knight, Tony Nathan, Hannah Castillo, Landry Honza, Tomi Oluwatimilehin, Jaron Rice, Ty-Reem Holmes, Niyi Oluwatimilehin and Kathy Creighton.

Congratulations on a difficult achievement.


Yesterday and this morning, the entire student body of Bethel Christian Academy performed "Once upon a Christmas" for parents and friends.

Hannah Castillo, Christina Harrison, John Blankenship and Jaron Rice shared the spotlight in the production of the play.

The entire school then sang carols under the able direction of Cheryl Brenneman, the music director.

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