Police probe restaurant fight involving Moorer


DETROIT -- Heavyweight boxing contender Michael Moorer spat at and beat on two men in the lobby of a Detroit restaurant in a weekend melee that sent customers fleeing, police and witnesses said yesterday.

"He hit me in the face. It hurt a lot," said Mike Mancik, 24, of Livonia, Mich., who now sports a blackened right eye. "It was crazy."

Police were investigating the fight and no one was charged yesterday. Moorer's manager, John Davimos, said the two men provoked his fighter by challenging him and pushing him.

Mancik and a co-worker, Lee Sowell, said they did not know who Moorer was until after police arrived. Moorer, listed on the police report as6 feet tall and 200 pounds, is the No. 1-ranked heavyweight contender by the International Boxing Federation and is expected to get a shot soon at champion Evander Holyfield's title.

According to police, Mancik and Sowell, the incident went like this:

As Mancik and his girlfriend and Sowell and his wife walked past Moorer at the restaurant, he and some other men said something lewd to the women.

Sowell said, "'Hey, you got a problem?'"

Moorer cursed at them, and Sowell told him to get lost, but the four kept walking, Mancik and Sowell said. Near the indoor waterfall by an entrance to the restaurant, Moorer allegedly charged them.

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