Poles hope spokeswoman measures up


WARSAW, Poland -- Not much was said about the new xTC government press officer's education or experience in politics, government, journalism or any other relevant field.

Instead, the anchorman on national TV news soberly announced, "The candidate's measurements are 90-60-90." That's centimeters; in inches they're 36-24-36.

Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak's new spokeswoman is Miss Poland 1992, a young woman whose main qualifications seem to be the above-mentioned dimensions -- and the fact that she can drive a tractor. Ewa Wachowicz is a farm girl.

Mr. Pawlak, a farmer himself, said he was impressed with her pride in the countryside and thought she would improve the new government's image.

But Poles aren't necessarily amused by the woman who will explain their government's policies to Poland and the world.

Aware of the controversy, Ms. Wachowicz said she won't wear short skirts. She acknowledged that she hasn't been involved in politics and may not have ready answers for reporters' questions.

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