Sellman to resign as head of authority


Russell A. Sellman said he will resign as chairman of Carroll's Industrial Development Authority (IDA) at the end of this month.

Mr. Sellman, former president of Carroll County Bank and Trust Co. and former president of the Westminster City Council, said he would resign because of his age and because he frequently is out of town.

Mr. Sellman, of Westminster, is 70 and has been a member of the IDA for 10 years. He has been its chairman for five years.

The county commissioners formed the IDA in 1980 to act as its development arm. The five-member, quasi-public group oversaw the development in the early 1980s of the county's Air Business Center, which now houses Marada Industries Inc., Laser Applications Inc., Quality Glass and Aluminum Inc. and other businesses.

Now the IDA is working on other development projects for the county, but Mr. Sellman said yesterday he could not disclose any details.

The IDA articles of incorporation say the commissioners appoint replacements for departing members from a list submitted by the president of the board of commissioners.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell is president of the board. He was in Illinois yesterday and could not be reached for comment.

Mr. Sellman was appointed to the IDA in 1983 to fill the unexpired term of a previous member. His term will expire on Dec. 31, 1996.

IDA members serve five-year terms and are not paid. The IDA will elect a new chairman after the commissioners appoint Mr. Sellman's replacement.

In a letter to the commissioners dated Nov. 30, Mr. Sellman said his decision to resign was not easy.

"I have appreciated and enjoyed the position with the IDA and all the experiences with county personnel," he wrote.

"We're going to miss him . . . he's a good man," IDA member Fred Esbrandt of Eldersburg said yesterday. "I hate to see him go, but the world changes."

As IDA chairman, Mr. Sellman also was a member of the county's Economic Development Commission (EDC).

EDC Chairman Paul Denton said yesterday he was sorry to hear of Mr. Sellman's resignation. "It's really a quality group of individuals," he said of the IDA.

Mr. Sellman was a banker for about 35 years, and resigned as president of Carroll County Bank 18 years ago. He now works part time selling real estate for The Billingslea Corp. He was City Council president in the late 1960s.

In his letter to the commissioners, Mr. Sellman said he travels with his wife, Donna, on her business trips. She is director of alumni affairs at Western Maryland College.

Other IDA members are Michael Brown of the Bank of Baltimore in Westminster, Oden Kemp of Hampstead and Arthur Peck of Westminster.

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