Doctor sues nursing assistant for $18 million


A Glen Burnie doctor is suing a nursing assistant for $18 million, claiming she defamed him by filing false sexual assault charges against him.

In a suit filed yesterday in Anne Arundel Circuit Court, Dr. Krishan K. Singal alleges Yenchi Thi Rogers, a secretary and nursing assistant at North Arundel Hospital, lied to police about two separate sexual assaults "out of hatred and spite."

Ms. Rogers told police Dr. Singal sexually assaulted her in March 1992 after locking her in his office.

She also told police she was in a conference room at North Arundel Hospital Jan. 3 when Dr. Singal attacked her and "spoke to her in vulgar and perverted ways."

Dr. Singal, a cardiologist with offices on Crain Highway, was charged with fourth-degree sex offense and assault and battery.

But the charges were dropped a day into the trial Nov. 17, when Assistant State's Attorney Robert Bittman said he had "serious reservations" about the credibility of Ms. Rogers' testimony.

Mr. Bittman said Ms. Rogers would have testified that during the alleged assault another woman had entered the room. But he said he learned just before trial that the witness -- a friend of Ms. Rogers -- would have testified that the alleged victim wasn't in the room when she entered it that day.

Mr. Bittman said Ms. Rogers' $42 million civil suit against the doctor and testimony that she had a sexual relationship with him would have made it difficult to win a conviction.

Dr. Singal's suit seeks $6 million for each of three separate counts of defamation, false light and malicious prosecution.

Neither Dr. Singal nor Ms. Rogers would comment yesterday.

Another sexual assault case against Dr. Singal also ended with charges being dropped. A cardiac technician at the hospital alleged he assaulted her at his office when she filled in temporarily Oct. 20 and Nov. 3, 1992.

Mr. Bittman dropped those charges last month after Dr. Singal's full-time cardiac technician testified that office records showed the technician was not at Dr. Singal's office on the days she alleged he assaulted her there.

The two cases prompted North Arundel Hospital to suspend Dr. Singal's staff privileges in February.

The Maryland Board of Physician Quality Assurance also is investigating the case. The board may revoke a physician's license if it finds the doctor responsible for offenses involving "moral turpitude."

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