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25 Years Ago* C. Richard Weaver of...


25 Years Ago

* C. Richard Weaver of Finksburg, this year's Maryland state winner in the National 4-H Swine Awards program, received an all-expense paid trip to 4-H Congress held in the Conrad-Hilton Hotel, Chicago. Richard, 17, started his swine herd seven years ago with one gilt (a young sow). He remembered his first showing contest, with some embarrassment. "When we entered the ring, my gilt decided she wanted to go back to her pen. I finally had to pull her into the show rings by her tail." -- Democratic Advocate, Dec. 12, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* Russell K. Mills will again head the activities for the Medford Grange for the coming year. Mr. Mills was re-elected master at the regular meeting Monday at the Stone House Building. Other officers elected were: Albin Duvall, overseer; Miss Mary Elizabeth Lynch, lecturer; Raymond Basler, steward; Marvin Leister, assistant; Mrs. Elizabeth Shager, chaplain; William Lynch, treasurer; Miss Ruth Brehm, secretary, and Isaac Rickle, doorkeeper. -- Democratic Advocate, Dec. 24, 1943.

75 Years Ago

* Two pairs of overalls belonging to Charles Goodwin, which had been left on the line to dry last Friday night, were stolen sometime during the night. Mr. Goodwin still has the buckles which were removed from the overalls before washing, which he says the new owner can have as he has no use for them now. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Dec. 20, 1918.

100 Years Ago

* Nichols W. Steele, of Freedom District, who was in this city on Monday, then stated that the Oakland Manufacturing Co., of which he is manager, expects to be manufacturing woolen kersey by the first of March, 1894. The company has recently built at Oakland, near the Carroll-Baltimore county line, a six-story building for manufacturing purposes. A dying establishment, 40 tenant houses and other necessary buildings have been put up. The mill will give employment when in operation to 200 hands and will have an annual capacity of 1 million yards of kersey, worth about $500,000. The motive power will be supplied by the Patapsco River. -- American Sentinel, Dec. 23, 1893.

Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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