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Haven't We Taken Things Too Far?The other...


Haven't We Taken Things Too Far?

The other night we took the kids to see Santa Claus.

The poor man had to be careful of everything he said so that he would not upset us. Not that we would get upset from anything that Santa Claus would say, because how bad could he be? He had to ask us if he could mention to the children that Christmas Day was also Jesus' birthday. Of course, we didn't mind him talking about that. That is how Christmas originated.

I've also heard that schools aren't going to be allowed to put Christmas decorations on the walls, because it's too religious and it wouldn't be fair to other faiths. Well, 13 years ago, when I was in school, we accommodated all faiths; now they want to do away with it.

What's next? If we have to be so careful of these things, then how can they show Christmas specials on television? Doesn't that offend those picky people? And tell me, what is so religious about Christmas decorations, Santa Claus, sleighs, wreaths, Christmas trees and snowmen?

The saying "Merry Christmas" isn't even religious. If you would say, "Happy Birth of Jesus," that would be religious, and so what if it is. There is a thing called "freedom of speech," and what happened to feeling good about expressing oneself?

We've gotten braver on television with sex and violence, so why can't we express ourselves about Christmas? We have to have Martin Luther King's birthday shoved down our throats. What is fair? Where do we draw the line? If there are people who are offended by these things, then just don't watch, look or listen. Turn your head the other way. Don't ruin it for other people. "God bless you and Merry Christmas!"

Jackie Ringrose


Foolish Idea

I believe most Marylanders had no interest in Baltimore's folly. If the time the governor and mayor spent fooling with that National Football League stuff were spent on ending crime, solving the drug problem, building houses for the homeless and more important things, we would be a lot better off. . . .

They all got what they deserved in sleazy treatment from the NFL, because the citizens of Maryland got the same sleazy treatment when the governor dreamed up this foolish idea. Now, maybe the next governor will spend those funds wisely and deep-six that stadium idea.

Don Clark

Mount Airy

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