Recycling plant investment could reach $30 million


ANNAPOLIS -- A new, German-owned wastepaper-recycling plant may invest as much as $30 million in the Eastern Shore town of Worton, which would make it the biggest private-sector investment in Kent County history, Maryland's economic development chief said yesterday.

Mark L. Wasserman, the state secretary of economic and employment development, and Felix Rettenmaier, head of Cellulose-Fuellstoff-Fabrik, joined Gov. William Donald Schaefer at a State House press conference to announce the agreement among CFF, Maryland and Kent County to go ahead with the plant.

Mr. Rettenmaier said his firm intends to open the plant next summer with 18 to 25 employees. The company has committed itself to complete a $12 million investment in the plant and have about 80 workers there by 1998.

It will be built with a total of $1.175 million in state grant and loan support on a now-vacant 31-acre site in Worton, a town north of Chestertown that has a population of fewer than 1,000 people.

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