A couple of weeks ago, a young...


A couple of weeks ago, a young member of the Redskins organization said people who wear Redskins hats in the upper deck at Camden Yards are often needled and told, "Go back to Fairfax."

That's supposed to be in the past now. The Baltimore fans are being told to root for the Redskins now that owner Jack Kent Cooke wants to move the club to Laurel. A Washington Post columnist, Tony Kornheiser, even wrote last week, "In time, you will embrace the Redskins and try to get a ticket, just as we do."

Don't count on it.

Kornheiser is a native New Yorker. I guess he would have told Brooklyn Dodgers fans to root for the Yankees when the #F Dodgers left.

That's the trouble with people in Washington. They don't understand rooting. For them, following the Redskins is simply the politically correct thing to do. It's not a passion. That's why they could adopt the O's. At some of the Bullets games against popular teams, half the fans root for the visiting team.

If they don't get why Baltimore fans won't root for the Redskins, I guess there's no use trying to explain it to them. But, remember, Baltimore didn't have a baseball team for 50 years and still didn't root for the Senators.

New York Jets (-3) at Washington -- Are the Jets going to bring their own water with them when they come to RFK Stadium today?

* Take New York

* Final score: Jets 13, Redskins 6

San Francisco (-8) at Atlanta -- George Seifert had an easier time replacing a legend than Richie Petitbon did.

* Take Atlanta

* Final score: 49ers 28, Falcons 24

Last week's record: 9-5. Against the spread: 7-7. Best bets: 1-3.

Season record: 111-57. Against the spread: 82-84-2. Best bets: 25-30-1.

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