Backyard Treasure2 Then we will be not...


Backyard Treasure

2 Then we will be not only bigger -- but better!

Thomas Kenney



Losing the NFL bid could be a lucky break for Baltimore.

If the enthusiasm for short-season football, the planning, imagination and the funds are now put to work on alternate plans for the Howard Street "Avenue of the Arts" and a Middle Branch Center for the Arts on the waterfront, the scattered offerings of the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Walters, Peabody, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, dance and drama could all have attractive, intimate center-city places for program extensions that would be more practical for our thousands of visitors.

Both Washington and New York have centers for the arts that have greatly expanded cultural opportunities and have even enhanced interest in the traditional places of cultural offerings.

With some vision we could be a pace-setter for the several disappointed cities that have spent a great amount of money and talent on a shattered hope. In the long run our cultural-oriented city could be better off!

Robert L. Zoerheide


The writer is minister emeritus of the First Unitarian and Universalist Church of Baltimore.


Jacksonville got the ball and Baltimore got an elbow in the face. was a case of poetic justice.

The NFL owners would have had to have been sleepwalking to overlook the high-handed, arrogant, anti-business act on the part of the Maryland legislature in 1984 when it telegraphed its intention to condemn and take over the Colts franchise. Legislators literally chased Colts owner Robert Irsay out of town.

The NFL owners would never walk into a scenario where one of their potential owners might be a sovereign state sitting in their board room and guided only by their questionable politics. Profit motive would have meant nothing because Maryland's losses would be sloughed off on the taxpayers, as usual.

I'm sure the politicians, committees and the media knew this all along. All this skirmishing for an expansion football franchise was just a lot of play acting.

If football is so important to Baltimore, then why were the Colts run out of town? On top of that, the conduct of the media was atrocious. The insults and ridicule heaped on Mr. Irsay, a private citizen, was gutter journalism.

It's poetic that he got the last laugh and voted against Baltimore and Maryland. As for that slap in the face, we needed that.

Philip A. Rapisarda


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