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Essential Gift


This time of year, Red Cross blood banks expect a drop in donations. With holiday bustling, fewer people have the time or inclination to give blood. But the demand for blood doesn't take a season off. That's why collection services count on a busy fall to stock up for the lean holiday weeks.

This year, however, Red Cross bloodmobiles, which supply as much as 95 percent of the blood used in many hospitals in the region, had a lower-than-usual response during the crucial fall months. As a result, blood supplies in this area are dangerously low for the holidays and the Red Cross is sending out an urgent appeal.

All donors are welcome, but there is an especially critical need for O negative blood. This week, the Red Cross had less than one day's supply of this type. For information about giving blood, call 1-800-GIVE BLOOD (448-2566).

This is a season of giving, but the most meaningful gifts carry a price that cannot be reckoned in dollars. For many people, the gift of blood could assure the greatest gift of all -- life itself.

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