FIVE years ago, a woman tried to...


FIVE years ago, a woman tried to revive her husband with a toilet plunger -- and succeeded.

The man had been suffering from a heart attack and the frantic wife, not knowing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, grabbed for the first thing she saw. It paid off. Researchers from the American Heart Association now report that a suction devise inspired by the plunger seems twice as effective as standard CPR.

Dr. Kelly Tucker of the cardiology department with the University of Florida says that of 53 hospitalized patients suffering from cardiac arrest, 24 percent of the patients who received suction-enhanced CPR survived while only 11 percent survived with standard CPR practices.

Not bad for a household remedy.

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A HISTORICAL note from Hotline, the daily electronic roundup of political news and views:

If ex-Tennessee Sen. Bill Brock (R) were to run and defeat Sen. Paul Sarbanes, D.-Md., he would be the first person to represent two different states in the Senate since the direct election of senators began. In the 19th century, Waitman Thomas served West Virginia and Virginia in the Senate and James Shields served Illinois, Minnesota and Missouri there.

Thirty people, including Daniel Webster (New Hampshire and Massachusetts), served in the House from one state, in the Senate from another.

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