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Crime declines nearly 4%, even as robberies rise


Reported crime in Baltimore County dropped nearly 4 percent during the first nine months of 1993 compared with the corresponding period last year, county police announced yesterday.

Serious offenses -- murder, rape and aggravated assault -- fell slightly more than 5 percent while 59 more robberies were reported this year than in the 1992 period.

Police Chief Michael D. Gambrill said the year-to-date reductions were heavily influenced by large decreases reported during the first and second quarters of this year.

"During the third quarter of this year, reported crime returned to, or surpassed, previous levels," he said. "We can expect to end the year at or close to levels reported in 1992."

Reported property crimes decreased by about 6 percent, the police department said. Burglaries were down by nearly 3 percent; theft dropped by 7 percent; motor vehicle theft went down by 3 percent; and arson dropped by nearly 13 percent.

One alarming part of the report concerned juvenile crime. Juveniles -- those 18 and under -- made up more than 26 percent of all people arrested on suspicion of commiting serious crimes.

Specifically, juveniles were arrested for 19 percent of the county's 22 homicides, 36 percent of 3,974 vehicle thefts, 26 percent of the 3,663 aggravated assaults, 26 percent of the 17,181 thefts, nearly 25 percent of the 5,976 burglaries, 20 percent of the 225 arsons, 18 percent of the 1,666 robberies and 17 percent of the reported 225 rapes.

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