Scarborough Woods plans approved


The Sykesville Planning Commission has approved revised construction drawings for Scarborough Woods.

Approval is contingent on a conservation easement agreement that the developer said will accompany the final drawings.

The commission will send its recommendation to the Town Council, which will consider the project at its Monday meeting.

Brian Harman plans to build homes on eight 3-acre lots in the Oklahoma Road subdivision at the southwest corner of town.

In addition to tree conservation areas, the drawings included a fit

ness trail for hikers.

"You have to walk the trail to appreciate the slopes," said Town Manager James L. Schumacher.

"You also have to be in good shape."

Before the town issues any grading permits for the property -- the next step in the development process -- the builder has to erect protective fences around trees.

At their Monday meeting, the commissioners discussed but made no decision on plowing snow on the private road that will provide access for homeowners.

Mr. Schumacher said the town should change its policy and plow the road to allow access to emergency and police vehicles.

Town Attorney Cindy Hitt said the homeowners should be responsible for making the road usable during emergencies.

Jonathan Herman, council liaison to the commission, said he was concerned with committing town employees to plowing snow on the 12-foot-wide road, which "is difficult to walk on, let alone plow," he said.

"I don't want to commit the town to a potentially hazardous situation," said Mr. Herman. "What if the homeowners don't maintain the road?"

Mr. Harman said the road would meet all county construction specifications.

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