MENCKEN for Monday:"City rights are worth immensely...


MENCKEN for Monday:

"City rights are worth immensely more than state's rights. The city is a genuine community; the state is only too often simply a geographical expression. All . . . city dwellers have interests in common -- not one or two, but scores."

-- Mencken in The Evening Sun, Nov. 2, 1925

* * *

"MUMBLING is one of the practical forms of protest. It is the weapon of the meek and lowly against the proud and powerful. It gives the mumbler an advantage over his adversary that is difficult to overcome.

". . . If properly done, the words used in mumbling are inaudible. It is a strange fact that anyone who overhears mumbling assumes at once that the mumbling is directed against him. . . . It is, of course, possible to confront the mumbler and demand, 'What are you mumbling about?' but if the mumbler is alert he will counter by replying 'Nothing,' in which case you are no better off than you were before.

". . . The mumbler has not used insulting language, has not been guilty of assault and battery, has not been definitely impudent and has not been disobedient. The mumbler has merely mumbled, and under his breath at that. Oddly enough mumbling is not mentioned in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States. But so long as it is a national custom, there seems little danger of silencing minorities, however small and humble they may be."

-- H. L. Mencken in The Evening Sun, April 10, 1937

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