YAMILET TEROL, 18, daughter of Luis and...


YAMILET TEROL, 18, daughter of Luis and Georgina Terol and sister of Luis Alex Terol, of Main Street in New Windsor.

School: Senior at Francis Scott Key High School.

Honored for: Becoming one of the highest-achieving students in the senior class, after overcoming language problems and leaving relatives in Cuba. She and her immediate family came to New Windsor 2 1/2 years ago as political refugees.

Goals: "I would like to be an engineer." She also would like to minor in education and said she would enjoy teaching.

Comments: "We knew the basics [of the English language] when we came, but I couldn't talk to you like I'm doing now. It was kind of difficult at first, but after a while, with TV and talking to people, it was easier. The difficult thing for us was we had to leave our family. We are a big family. I kind of miss it sometimes, but for now I love America, too."

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