Black & Decker to cut back at Hampstead in 1995


Black & Decker Corp. has announced it will cut back operations at its Hampstead distribution center starting in 1995.

The reduction will coincide with the opening of a new distribution plant in South Carolina.

A spokeswoman for Black & Decker said the Hampstead distribution center, which has slightly more than 100 employees, will remain in full operation through 1994.

The entire Hampstead plant employs between 700 and 800 people now, most of them in production, and they were notified of the cutback Thursday evening.

"There is absolutely no way for us to know at this time whether jobs will or will not be lost," said spokeswoman Anita Galloway.

"We're not sure what level of distribution services will be affected."

A new state-of-the-art center in Fort Mill, S.C., is expected to increase the company's distribution capacity and provide improved customer service.

"The facility will have advanced automated equipment to ensure shipment accuracy and to improve distribution processing time," Frank Castronovo, vice president of North American customer service and distribution, said in a prepared statement.

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