Students: Freshman John Bova, 13; sophomore David...


Students: Freshman John Bova, 13; sophomore David Gorrie, 15; and seniors Martha Hopkins and Erin Kilby, both 17.

Accomplishments/Interests: John, David, Martha and Erin earned straight A's on their most recent report cards, placing them on the school's honor roll. But their talents extend beyond studying.

John plays in the band. "Mount percussion, like the xylophone, glockenspiel and the bells," he said, "Music is a big thing."

He said he also enjoys odd and unusual research. "Like ancient Chinese war games," he said. "They're intellectual exercises recommended by Confucius."

David is into more traditional pursuits. He plays lacrosse and basketball for a league out of Arthur Slade Junior High School.

David also enjoys music and plays bass guitar in the school band.

Martha volunteers for the American Heart Association in grocery stores, handing out coupons for heart-friendly foods. She also volunteers for Share, a Catholic charity that prepares and distributes food for needy people in Anne Arundel County.

She plays trumpet for the school band and is in TRIEM, a music honor society. She is also in the National Honor Society, manages the football team and is in the Media Production club.

"We have announcements over the TV in the morning, it's called Spalding AM," she said. "I've anchored, and I've done camera work."

Erin volunteers, too, at the auxiliary at Anne Arundel General Hospital in Annapolis and at her church nursery. She also volunteers at Sarah's House, a homeless shelter in Fort Meade. "I tutor kids, clean the playroom, whatever they need me to do that day."

Her role as homeroom representative in the Student Government Association has her attending council meetings and reporting back to her homeroom. She also plays soccer, but her passion is lacrosse.

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