Mealo makes marks in 197 game


Carl Mealo has been bowling since 1959, and until recently he never had thrown an all-mark game.

That changed when he filled every frame for a 197 game. A 125-average duckpin bowler with a career-high game of 224 and high set of 495, Mealo posted the all-mark game without $H throwing a double.

Mealo bowls in the Wednesday Majors at Mount Airy Lanes, as well as in the Duckpin Pro Tour and the ADT.

A student of the game, Mealo often discusses the mental aspects of bowling with Joe Rineer, proprietor of Mount Airy Lanes.

"Joe and I have talked about the importance of using a mental checklist to keep the mind focused," Mealo said. "It's so important to your pacing and timing to do the same thing every time you throw the ball."

A goal finally reached

As with many tenpin league bowlers, a 700 set has been one of Bob Richards' goals.

Richards, of Hampstead, who has participated in the sport since bowls at Hampstead Bowling Center in the Sunday Nite Mixed League.

But on Nov. 23, while subbing in the Tuesday night league, he shot a 236, 244 and 245 -- three solid games for a 725 set.

"That's the best set I've had," he said. "A lot of credit goes to my brother, Tom. He's made a bunch of suggestions to me about my game."

Doing better than ever

Ron Curry, who has been bowling tenpins for at least 25 years, bowls in a single league, the Tuesday Men's at Hampstead Bowling Center.

Last year he carried a 181 average, not bad for a once-a-week bowler. But this year that average has taken a huge leap.

"Right now I'm averaging 197-198," said Curry, of Manchester. "Partly it's the new ball and partly it's improved timing."

Climbing the ladder

Curt Johnson of Mount Airy is steadily moving up the average ladder rankings in the Baltimore Duckpin Bowlers Association.

"I really enjoy duckpins, but I'd like to see a little more fun come back into the game. I feel that it's become too cutthroat," he once said.

In 1988 he was ranked 20th with a 148 average. In 1991 he moved up to ninth and was sixth in the 1992 season. Last season he finished in fourth place with 148.356.

In the Duckpin Professional Bowlers Association Fair Lanes Master Tournament on Nov. 6-7, he was the high qualifier after 10 games.

And he did it the hard way. He bowled around his average for the first six games then he caught fire for the final four games. He averaged 175 for those four games and finished on top of the qualifiers with 1,596 total pins, 15 pins in front of the runner-up.

But he couldn't keep that pace going, and Joe Zigas of Crofton won the event in the stepladder finals.

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