Fabric befitting an eclectic fashion sense


To understand how eclectic Laurie Glassner's style is, consider her evening wear.

In recent years, she has worn everything from a gold beaded gown to Chinese pajamas to KinderGala, the black tie benefit for the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

This year, Ms. Glassner, who is chairing Saturday's event which kicks off the Festival of Trees at Festival Hall, is opting for a demure, brown velvet dress.

"I'm usually not in something slinky," says Ms. Glassner, 49. "I prefer things loose-fitting."

Her style has its admirers -- including her 15-year-old daughter Lauren.

Whenever Ms. Glassner is missing a sweater or blouse, she knows where to look: her daughter's room.

"I'm not real happy if I find it rolled up in a ball," says Ms. Glassner, vice president of Louis Mazor Inc. interior design firm in Lake Falls Village. "But [sharing] is very cost effective."

How does being a designer affect your fashion sense?

You not only look at clothes but at color and texture. I love fabrics; I look at that first.

Are there similarities between the two fields?

Design is much more subtle. Fashion is in one season and out the next. Fashion is more whimsical; design is not quite as trendy. And interior design has to last.

Do you think people expect a certain style from you because of your work?

I think they do. They want you to look like you care about your wardrobe, but that it's not your whole life. You don't want to look underdone, and you don't want to look overdone.

How would you describe your style?

I'm eclectic. I can be very tailored one day, funky the next. I can wear a very tailored pantsuit; the next day I can walk around in something that looks like my draperies.

Why have you chosen that approach?

During the course of my work, I see so many fabrics and textures and styles that I look at my clothes differently.

But in the grand scheme of life, I'm not bizarre. You're not going to see me in granny boots and a long velvet outfit.

Do you have an extensive black-tie wardrobe?

No. For the last five years, a friend and I have been borrowing each other's clothing. It's so expensive otherwise. When I get the urge to go shopping, I go to the health club and work out.

What's your weekend style like?

When I'm not working, I'm in T-shirts and leggings.

What's the next thing you'll get rid of in your closet?

Nothing. Clothes are too expensive. I can have something for four or five years. I refuse to buy something that's so trendy it will look awful the next year.

Do you have a current favorite?

A pants, jacket and blouse that look like Chinese pajamas. They're rayon with a Chinese print and brown background. I think I got that outfit eight years ago, but I wore it to Zoomerang this summer. It's timeless. The style is fun, the material is wonderful, and it feels good.

Is there one outfit you put on when you're in a funk?

I have an Ellen Tracy suit. It's brown wool with a tiny plaid, very man-tailored. You can dress it up or dress it down. It doesn't need a lot.

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