THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!



Mortar rounds slammed into SARAJEVO's main hospital, killing two nurses and wounding a doctor and a technician in an attack that U.N. officials blamed on Serbs. At least one round hit the second-floor emergency department for abdominal surgery. Kosevo Hospital, on the heights above the downtown area, has been hit 183 times since the siege of the Bosnian capital began in April 1992.

The Yugoslav government in BELGRADE calculated the annual inflation rate at 286,125,293,792 percent when compounding is factored in. It should be higher by the time you read this.

At The Hague, the U.N. Yugoslavia war crimes tribunal announced an adjournment until January 17 after an historic first session to establish rules of procedure and evidence for trials on Balkan actrocities. The tribunal opened November 17.

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