Sewage plant may not handle all new development, official says


Hampstead Town Council member Wayne Thomas told the Planning and Zoning Commission at its meeting Monday night that the local sewage plant might not have the capacity to serve all the developments the commission has approved.

But the Planning and Zoning Commission apparently did not agree, and followed his comments with a 4-0 approval of a site plan for 90 condominium units in Roberts Field.

"I'm not sure that we have adequate facilities to cover sewer for these units," Mr. Thomas said Monday.

"I'm saying that you need to get better information," responded Commission Chairman Arthur Moler.

Hampstead Mayor Clint Becker said yesterday that Carroll County, which operates the sewage treatment plant, must review plans for all developments proposed for its service area.

The county will not approve a project unless officials believe facilities are adequate to handle the new development.

He said the town of Hampstead would be "really going out on a shaky limb" and would be open to lawsuits if it denied approval to a development because of concerns over sewer plant capacity after the county had said the plant could handle it.

The Fields Condominiums, approved Monday, will be built on a new street called Woodsman Drive, which will link Boxwood Drive and North Woods Trail.

The 15 buildings, each containing six units, will be built on 5.79 acres of land owned by Martin K. P. Hill and Jack Reedy.

In other business, the Planning and Zoning Commission denied approval for a proposal to locate a Goodyear tire store on vacant land at the northwest corner of North Woods Trail and Clearview Avenue.

Mr. Moler said the commission would prefer the site be used for offices, a medical building or "something that would blend with the residential section" to its north and east.

However, Town Manager John A. Riley, the town's zoning administrator, said yesterday that the site is zoned as a general business district. He said the commission may not be able to prevent a tire store from being put at the site.

But Mr. Moler said the commission has "a lot of latitude" in what goes there.

"We don't feel that's a type of business we want there," he said. "I'll fight that right to court."

The commission took no action Monday on a site plan for changes to the Exxon station on Route 30.

Mr. Moler said the commission is waiting for the owner to address some comments made by Carroll County planners. He said he expects the matter will be brought before the commission again at its December meeting.

Also on Monday, the commission changed that meeting date from Dec. 27 to Dec. 29 at 7 p.m. The Town Hall is closed Dec. 27 for the Christmas holiday.

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