Books to read if you're stuck on 'Gilligan's Island'


Bob Denver says he started his book first. In fact, he gave former "Gilligan's Island" co-stars Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells the idea, resulting in a 1993 tidal wave of three "Gilligan's" recollections.

"Last year we were at a personal appearance and I told them, 'I'm writing a book and I think you guys should write one too,' " says the star of "Gilligan's Island," whose book, "Gilligan, Maynard & Me" came out last week (Citadel Press/Carol Publishing Group, $12.95).

"They said, 'Why not?' And Russ went zip and got his out in June. Dawn's came out last month," he says, with no hint of reminiscent rivalry.

Mr. Johnson, "The Professor," wrote "Here on Gilligan's Isle" (with Steve Cox, Harper Perennial, $12), and Ms. Wells has published "Mary Ann's Gilligan's Island Cookbook" (with Ken Peck and Jim Clark, Rutledge Hill Press, $12.95).

However, the creator of "Gilligan's Island," Sherwood Schwartz, beat all the cast members to the punch in 1988 with his book, "Inside Gilligan's Island" (McFarland & Co., $29.95).

Says Mr. Denver of this year's trio of books: "We're thinking of going on Home Shopping [Network] or one of those to market them as a package."

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