HERE'S food for thought from the always...


HERE'S food for thought from the always politically incorrect Sage of Baltimore, H.L. Mencken:

"Men's clubs have but one intelligible purpose: to afford asylum to fellows who haven't any girls. Hence their general gloom, their air of lost causes, their prevailing acrimony. No man would even enter a club if he had an agreeable woman to talk to. This is particularly true of the married men."

* * * AND for those who think preaching politically correct language sometimes go too far, this one is for you.

Christopher Cerf and Henry Beard have written "Excuse Us, Processed Tree Carcasses," a satire on the politically correct.

According to these former associates on the National Lampoon, the 1992 Los Angeles rioting inspired by the Rodney King trial was a "spontaneous display of community dissatisfaction with prevailing socioeconomic conditions" that involved "nontraditional shoppers" who were arrested and became "guests of the correctional system."

The authors even probe into the realm of intimacy. For example, an ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, or ex-girlfriend is labeled an "insignificant other."

They go so far as to define "alphabetism" as the "widespread and arbitrary privileging of persons, institutions and nations whose names begin with letters that come early in the alphabet, and the oppression of those whose names do not."

The book came about as a response to the formation of such organizations as the American Hyphen Society, whose motto is, "It became necessary to destroy the language in order to save it".

This assiduously PC lexicon can be picked up for only $10 at almost any book store. Just make sure to keep your tongue firmly in your cheek.

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