Policy changes proposed for Sykesville employeesSykesville has...


Policy changes proposed for Sykesville employees

Sykesville has proposed several changes in its employee policy. The town attorney will assess the revisions before the Town Council votes on them next month.

Recommendations include:

* Vacation leave to accumulate from Jan. 1 instead of the employee's anniversary date.

* New guidelines to deter sexual harassment in the workplace.

* Tuition reimbursement at the rate of 50 percent for job-related courses. The town would pay all costs of training it required.

* Employees fully vested in the retirement fund, after four years, could designate how their money is invested. "They can't take the money out but could choose from several

menu options," said James L. Schumacher, town manager.

* One public works employee to be on-call for emergencies at all times and to be paid overtime for any time beyond 40 hours a week.

* An increase in mileage reimbursement from 20 cents to 23 cents per mile for employees using private vehicles.

* Adoption of a state law that allows drivers to exceed speed limits in case of an emergency.

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