Hosiery for the holidays: Thigh-high and festive


Micro-miniskirts dominated the spring shows in Europe and New York -- bringing up the problem of the right hosiery to wear with them. Heavy tights are fine for winter woolens but not for lightweight fabrics like chiffon and silk. So designers offered two choices: bare legs or thigh-high stockings.

The thigh-highs turned up in shows by designers as varied as Gianni Versace, Byron Lars, Ralph Lauren and Nicole Miller in opaque, sheer, fishnet and lace versions.

A particularly fetching style, which has a border of lace at the top, would be a sexy accessory for a velvet or satin minidress this winter.

Among the styles available now are: Ralph Lauren's sweater knits ($19); DKNY's lace-top opaques ($15) and macrame-patterned knits ($15); Calvin Klein's semisheer lace tops ($8.25); Givenchy's ultrasheer lace tops ($9.50).

Come December, Bloomingdale's will have Anne Klein's gold and shiny black thigh-highs ($12) in time for the holiday party season.

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