POLICE* Westminster: City police are seeking a...


* Westminster: City police are seeking a woman who has passed at least seven altered money orders in the Westminster area since Oct. 22.


Investigators said the money orders are purchased for $9 or more, and are altered on a check-writing machine to about $90.

Police said the money orders are valued at $834.80.


In most of the incidents, the customer made a small purchase and received the balance in cash, police said.

Usually the alterations in the imprinted amounts have been discovered only after the money order reached a bank.

An official of St. John Catholic Church told city police someone forced open a side door of the church Monday and escaped with a gold emblem valued at $1,500. The emblem was recovered in a field near the church. Damage to the door was about $200, the official said.

A man escaped with a money bag containing $237 taken from a bookstore at the 140 Village Shopping Center about 7 p.m. Monday. Police said two men and a woman entered the store and two of them distracted a clerk while the third person stole the money. The trio escaped in a minivan parked outside.

A Hampstead woman told authorities that someone threw an object at her car and broke the windshield on Manchester Avenue Friday. The damage was estimated at $100.

An East Main Street resident told police someone entered his house and removed articles valued at $95 Saturday.

Someone stole three fire extinguishers from the Wimert Avenue Apartments last week, an official of the apartments told police. The loss was estimated at $160.

A resident of Ward Avenue told police someone discharged a fire extinguisher inside his automobile Saturday. The car was parked near his home.


Someone stole a fish tank from the front of Savage Aquarium on Bond Street Tuesday. The tank was valued at $100.

A bicycle valued at $300 was stolen from the front of a house on Greengate Court Saturday.


* Reese: Firefighters from Reese, Gamber and Westminster were dispatched for a house fire on Baltimore Boulevard at 9:51 p.m. Tuesday. They were out for 31 minutes.