Odenton association president to step down


Norman G. Myers, president of the Greater Odenton Improvement Association, said last night he would step down at the end of this term in January, rather than seek re-election.

"It's a lot of work," said Mr. Myers, who has been at the helm for nearly two years. "I guess we all need a break. I need a break, and I'm sure the organization can use someone with new ideas."

Mr. Myers became president in January 1992 after Mary Chewning resigned several weeks into her tenure amid controversy over her election.

Officials of the Halle Cos., developers of nearby Seven Oaks, brought two dozen of their employees who live outside of Anne Arundel County to sign up as members of the association in order to vote.

After that election, rules permitting people who live outside Greater Odenton to vote were rescinded.

Mr. Myers became involved in controversy over the past several

months when the association vehemently opposed a state proposal to move the Toulsen Boot Camp from Jessup to Fort Meade.

He won the fight, which pitted residents against the governor. But the fight, according to Mr. Myers, may have severely damaged a working relationship between Odenton and Fort Meade.

Even so, Mr. Myers said yesterday that the boot camp was just one issue. "I still feel we are going to enjoy a very good relationship," he said. "We're on different sides on that one issue, but we're working together on many other issues."

Mr. Myers will continue to serve on the board of directors.


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