Survival Technology to produce self-dosing kits for 8 medicines


Survival Technology Inc. of Rockville will produce pre-measured self-injection kits of eight medicines under a licensing agreement with Lotus Biochemical Corp., STI announced yesterday.

The agreement will expand a plan under which Survival Technology and Lotus have worked together on a morphine self-injection device for home use under an approval recently granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That device is expected to go on the market next year.

"This alliance will have a far-reaching impact in the growing home health care market because of the unique cost-saving and quality-of-life benefits these innovative products offer," said James H. Miller, president of STI.

The device is a spinoff from patented technology that STI used to prepare self-dosage injection kits of gas warfare antidotes for troops in the Persian Gulf war. It is intended to allow the patient to use medications at home with a pen-sized injector that gives a precisely measured dose without the user handling a needle.

Under the licensing agreement, the medicines that Lotus will sell using the device include two kinds of combination vaccines, an anti-emetic, a painkiller, an anti-convulsant, and drugs to fight male impotence and panic disorder.

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