Officials ground request to curb model airplanes Residents near flight site had complained


Carroll commissioners agreed yesterday not to impose more restrictions on the Westminster AeroModelers Club when its members begin flying their planes at a Union Mills farm next spring.

One neighbor asked the commissioners to eliminate evening hours at the site and forbid club members from flying on three weekend days per month.

Those restrictions would be excessive, the commissioners said.

The commissioners discussed a draft of an agreement between the county and the club at a meeting yesterday with Recreation and Parks Director Richard J. Soisson.

The agreement formalizes the commissioners' August decision to allow the club to fly on the former Spiegel farm, near Kowomu Trail and Rinehart Road.

The county owns the land and plans to build a reservoir in the area.

Club members had been flying their radio-controlled planes at the John Owings Landfill off Route 97 north of Westminster, near the Carroll County Humane Society.

When neighbors complained about noise from the planes, the Recreation and Parks board voted in February to forbid members from flying on the first Sunday of every month.

The commissioners also began investigating other sites.

Neighbors of the Spiegel farm also complained they did not want the planes flying near their homes.

They said the planes, which make a buzzing noise, would disturb the peace of the rural area.

In a request sent by fax to Mr. Soisson Monday, Ronald R. Frederick, of the 300 block of Kowomu Trail, asked for the following restrictions on the agreement:

* Flying should not be allowed on one Saturday and two Sundays per month.

* Flying should be permitted only from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

* No-fly zones should be established in the direction of most of the homes in the area.

"If this nuisance is actually going to be installed in our formerly quiet part of Carroll County, then these restrictions should be implemented to at least partially mitigate the disturbance," Mr. Frederick wrote.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell said, "I'd like to stand at Mr. Frederick's house and listen. I really don't think it's going to have the impact they think it will."

The agreement Mr. Soisson presented yesterday says that members may fly between 10 a.m. and dusk Monday through Saturday and from noon until dusk on Sunday.

They may fly only electric, glider or sail planes on the first Sunday of every month, the agreement says.

Members may not fly at all from the Saturday after Thanksgiving until Dec. 31 each year.

Flying at the site could be dangerous then because that period is deer-hunting season, Mr. Soisson said.

The agreement also says club members cannot interfere with the county's tenant farmer who works near the airfield.

Mr. Soisson will present the proposed agreement to club members soon, he said.

Club officers could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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