Boschert to withdraw council pension proposal Bill would bar future members


Anne Arundel County Council Chairman David G. Boschert said yesterday that he will likely withdraw a bill that would prevent future council members from receiving a county pension.

Mr. Boschert said his bill became unnecessary after he and Councilwoman Maureen Lamb introduced legislation Monday night that would base pensions for elected and appointed officials on what they contributed to the pension plan, instead of on years of service. Under the "defined contribution" plan introduced by Mr. Boschert and Ms. Lamb, officials would contribute 4 percent, which is matched by the county.

The financially troubled officials' plan, which has less than half the money it should, bases pensions on years of service. Officials who transfer from state government were allowed to count their years of state service in calculating county pensions, but transferred no assets, a factor that helped drain the fund.

"I think this bill serves the purpose" he was trying to accomplish with his first bill, Mr. Boschert said.

He also conceded that his council colleagues were not lining up to support eliminating council pensions. A vote on the bill was postponed at Monday night's meeting.

Mr. Boschert had come under fire for attempting to buy his years of service with the state agriculture department to add to his own county pension. He said he began the process more than a year ago, before the appointed and elected officials' fund came into question.

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