1 in 10 blacks is found to be a victim


WASHINGTON -- One in 10 black Americans was a victim of violent crime last year, a Justice Department survey has found.

Blacks, Hispanics, the young and low-income people fared worst in the latest National Crime Victimization Survey, which for 20 years has attempted to track both reported and unreported property crimes and violent offenses except murder. The annual survey was conducted in 110,000 households. The findings released yesterday were broadly consistent with the 1992 FBI Uniform Crime Reports released last month, which include murders and are based on police casework.

Among blacks 12 or older, 111 of every 1,000 were victims of violent crime -- a rate 25 percent higher than the rate for whites. Blacks were particularly plagued by robbery; the 15.6 robberies for every 1,000 blacks far outstripping the 4.7 rate for whites.

The FBI reported in October that half of all murder victims last year were blacks, 94 percent of whom were killed by other blacks; 83 percent of white murder victims were slain by whites, the bureau said.

In statistics not sorted by race or ethnicity, youngsters age 12 through 15 were violent crime victims at a rate 36 percent higher last year than when the survey was started, 1973.

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