From The Sun Nov. 14-20, 1843Nov. 17:...

From The Sun Nov. 14-20, 1843

Nov. 17: Some scoundrel entered the wareroom of Mr. James Lee, yesterday afternoon, and seeing nothing else that suited his fancy, he absconded with a fine black cloth coat which was hanging up at the time.


Nov. 20: Baltimore County Court -- Thomas Fisher, colored, convicted during the present term of aiding, abetting and assisting the escape of Dorcas Ward, a slave, from the custody of her master, Daye W. Worthington.

From The Sun Nov. 14-20, 1893


Nov. 16: If conductors on rapid-transit cars and the ladies who ride on the cars could reach a mutual understanding on some points of travel the world would be brighter for both. Among the causes which conspire to worry womankind, the admonitions to "Hurry along, ladies," "Step lively here," "Sit close, please," rattle her most.

Nov. 19: Wm. F. Master and Theodore Fischbach, who made a trip to New York to become actors and who detrained there as runaways, returned to their home in Baltimore yesterday.

From The Sun Nov. 14-20, 1943

Nov. 17: The Oheb Shalom Congregation will observe the ninetieth anniversary of its founding at the Eutaw Place Temple on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Nov. 19: Hochschild, Kohn & Co. will have no parade this Thanksgiving Day. This will be the first time in eight years that the annual procession has not meandered its way through the streets of Baltimore. It was canceled because of rubber, gasoline and labor shortages.