100 Years Ago* The five Driggs breech-loading...


100 Years Ago

* The five Driggs breech-loading guns ordered for the Maryland oyster navy have arrived in Annapolis. Lt. W. H. Driggs, the inventor, will supervise putting them in place. -- The Sun, Nov. 20, 1893.

* The St. John's College football team defeated Johns Hopkins ** University, 18-10, and claimed the collegiate championship of Maryland. -- The Sun, Nov. 23, 1893.

* The summer rest home Fairview in Anne Arundel County sold yesterday at auction for $5,400. The place contains 117 acres, a new 40-room hotel, pavilion and other buildings. The new owner is Isaac S. Filbert. -- The Sun, Nov. 29, 1893.

* Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, is a proclaimed holiday. The Annapolis post office will have an early delivery and then close. Turkey meat is now selling for from 15 to 17 cents per pound. -- The Sun, Nov. 29, 1893.

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